Thank you for participating in Bingo this year! We had a fun time!

BINGO is concluded!


Ashley and KSCB Bingo INFO you need to know!

1. There will be 2 numbers given each day on air. You can get the numbers on any of our stations (KSCB FM 107.5, KLDG The Legend 102.7, and KSCB AM 1270)

2. There will be an additional number at the business of the day throughout the promotion - that number will never be posted anywhere other than that business!

3. The On-air numbers will be shared here the following day and then removed.

4. We will start with the Ashley logo card on March 7th

5. The CASH prize starts at $75 and will be increased by $7.50 each day that a bingo is not claimed.

6. You must provide proof via picture or in person of your BINGO, before the current game is over.

7. Once a BINGO is claimed, we will reset the cash prize to $75 and move on to the next card. (ex. Joe and Amanda will say we are now playing on the blue card, pink card, etc. - you should only mark the card that we are currently playing on!)

8. If there are multiple BINGO's proved at the same time, the winners will split the winnings.